Elephant Polo, Thailand

Players&MahoutsElephant Story Elephant Polo Invitational.

Moo Baan Chang,  (The Elephant Village), Thailand, 2015


Elephant_w_SugarcaneAn elephant removes the outer leaves from sugar cane before eating it.

Moo Baan Chang, Thailand, 2015


Elephant polo is played with long sticks.  Just how long depends on the size of your elephant.

Moo Baan Chang, Thailand, 2015

Mahout_on_ElephantA young elephant is given to a boy and the two grow up and live together as family for their entire lives.

Moo Baan Chang, Thailand, 2015


A baby elephant grabs Katja Henke.

Moo Baan Chang, Thailand, 2015


The ToleHouse Chameleons have played in Nepal where elephant polo began.

Moo Baan Chang, Thailand, 2015.


The Elephant Story has raised funds to support an English language program for the primary and secondary schools in the village.  Moo Baan Chang, Thailand, 2015


Winners Team Elephant Story in white, hold the tournament trophy.

Moo Baan Chang, Thailand, 2015


The Mahouts head home with the elephants.  Moo Baan Chang, Thailand, 2015.